A band of paper artisans and print-makers, using traditional methods passed down through generations, tactile texture that a machine could not replicate.

The first step is to separate the cotton fibers from other fabrics since only cotton can be up cycled. Cotton fibers are shredded into small pieces.

The shredded cotton are then soaked in water for several days, until they become a fine pulp, which can then be processed into paper.

In a large vat of water, two artisans press a layer of pulp in a wooden frame, backed by a tightly stretched cotton sheet, which will mould the pulp into a thick sheet of rough-edged paper. 
The excess water is pressed out.
The sheets are hung out on washing lines to dry, an amazing view of endless vertical sheets of beautiful paper, blowing and drying in open air.
The dried sheets of paper then go through the press to have a smoother surface. Beautiful sheets of paper are born.
Once the paper is ready, the printing can begin. All of our prints are done by hand with the screen printing method. Screen printing is one of the oldest methods of printing.
The printed paper will be ready to be our paper products!
Every step of the paper-making process is made by hand.
My paper making workshop team. I am truly delighted and grateful to be working with this amazing team!