I was traveling in India when I discovered a band of paper artisans and print-makers, using traditional methods passed down through generations. Inspired by how they gave old cotton garments a second birth as handmade paper, I came up with the idea of Hataguchi Collective—proprietor of traditional paper products with a modern aesthetic.


I decided to name my paper brand after my grandmother’s family name, Hataguchi, the latter being the last member of the Hataguchi family line.

Our paper products are made of up-cycled cotton waste from the garment manufacturers.  Turning scraps into fine paper with a purpose. Recycled cotton paper is as durable as it is beautiful and most importantly, it is beneficial for our planet.

I want people to rediscover the joy of finding a personal letter in their mailbox. I think the best gift you could give to someone is the release of handwritten words on paper.  I hope that Hataguchi Collective products inspire people to share their feelings in that tangible way.

In this age of fast fashion, faster lives and disposable everything, Hataguchi Collective quietly soldiers on in the opposite direction, patiently taking the old and turning it into something new.

I hope you enjoy writing on our paper products.

Much love, Hiroko